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Business Lawyers from £75 per hour

Ten Percent Financial Recruitment can save accountancy firms substantial amounts of money on legal fees by using in house lawyers working on an ad hoc basis. Call 0800 246 5001 or complete our online form.

Interim Lawyers – Low Cost Legal Advice

If your business requires assistance you do not need to use a law firm. Instead you can employ the services of an in house lawyer to provide you with advice and assistance directly.

The cost savings can be phenomenal, provided you are willing to accept the increased risk from using an interim lawyer on an in house basis.

A General In House Counsel (ie a lawyer who is able to manage a wide range of business law matters) will assist you in identifying what can be done internally at a low cost and also advising you to seek external specialist assistance when necessary.

Ongoing advice can be provided for anything a business may require legal expertise for.

  • Buying a business
  • Commercial contract reviews
  • Company structure
  • Court preparation work
  • Data Protection and GDPR work
  • Debt recovery work and enforcement
  • Defending a County Court or High Court claim
  • Employment law advice
  • General commercial legal advice
  • Legal administration work
  • Legal advice available on an ongoing basis
  • Selling a business
  • Setting up a business
  • Stock market flotation
  • Supplier, IT or employment contracts
  • Trademark and copyright disputes

Cost Savings

The average hourly rate of a corporate commercial partner or solicitor in a solicitors’ firm is about £275-£325 per hour.

The average cost if an interim lawyer working as a consultant for your business is around £75 per hour.

Types of Work

See the list above. Essentially anything where the consultant is providing your business with in house legal advice. We can provide you with profiles for In House Counsel (lawyers who cover a wide range of business law) or specialist lawyers for specific tasks.

Our consultants have worked on Commercial Litigation (High Court and County Court), Employment Law – contentious (court cases) and non-contentious (drafting contracts), Commercial Contracts of all shapes and sizes, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Corporate structure advice, Intellectual Property work, GDPR & Data Protection and Property Litigation. We have over 1,000 lawyers available to assist so we can usually put you in touch with a suitable consultant.

Difference between using an Interim Lawyer and a Law Firm?

The main difference is that you cannot sue an interim lawyer if he or she gives you negligent advice. This is because they are providing your business with advice on an in house basis. There are also some areas of law and types of cases that require external firms of solicitors to act on your behalf or it would be better to do so. Having your own lawyer(s) means that they can advise you as to when an external firm needs to be instructed and when they can assist you themselves.

How does it work?

Call us on 0800 246 5001 to discuss your requirements or complete our form online. Our specialist interim consultant is a qualified solicitor and will be able to assist in identifying the type of lawyer you will need.

The service is operated by Interim Lawyers, a specialist online legal locum solicitor platform, part of the Ten Percent Group of Recruitment Websites.