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UK Accountant Salary Guide

How much do accountancy firms pay?

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Older Guide – Salary ranges for roles across the UK – March 2020 (NB: rates have not changed a lot in accountancy since 2015).

Assistant Accountant – Outside London. Range £18k – £32k.
Accountant (ACCA/ACA) – Outside London. Range £30k-£45k.
Auditor – Outside London. Range £40k-55k.
Bookkeeper – Outside London. Range £16-23k.
Industry Accountants (CIMA) – Outside London. Range £30-50k.

Assistant Accountant – London. Range £22-32k.
Accountant – London. Range £28k-45k.
Auditor – London. Range £40-60k.
Bookkeeper – London. Range £20-26k.
Industry Accountants (CIMA) – London. Range £45-75k.

NB: These ranges are based on what we see on CVs from candidates and from speaking to clients. They are always a generalisation and salaries can often be considerably higher and occasionally lower than the rates given above.