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Free CV Review

For a free Accountancy CV check with feedback, please email your CV to us at cv@ten-percent.co.uk. Suitable for anyone looking for a role in an accountancy practice. In order to receive feedback you must include the following sentence in your email:

I consent to a full and frank review of my CV being posted on the www.tenpercentfinancial.co.uk website. I understand that TP Financial Recruitment will remove my name, address and any contact details from the CV, together with the identity of any employers in the last 10 years.

You must send us your CV in Microsoft Word format. We will not accept .pdf and .odt files for free CV checking.

Please read the following notes very carefully:

  1. This is a free service – we operate it as a benefit to the accountancy profession and for no financial gain. Please do not call us regarding your CV as a short reply may be forthcoming.
  2. Your CV will be posted in a blog entry on our website, together with our comments. We will remove your name, address and any contact details. We will also remove your employers for the last 10 years. If you do not consent to this please do not send us your CV.
  3. We will give you an honest assessment of your CV. If your CV is abysmal we will tell you. We will not be polite. Note point 1 above.
  4. Our response will be based on our initial 5-10 second review of your CV, which is how long you have with most recruiters (including ourselves) before we decide whether to read the rest or press delete.
  5. We will also provide in depth advice if we think it will benefit our general website readers.
  6. We will not try and sell you anything. If the CV is not very good we will tell you. If it is good we will also tell you.
  7. Finally, if you do not like your work being criticised please do not send us your CV.

If this hasn’t put you off, please email your CV to cv@ten-percent.co.uk. We will be in touch..