List of Nominal Codes for Xero
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List of Nominal Codes for Xero

Here is a list of nominal codes for Xero, taken from the default chart of accounts. It includes the codes in a range of categories including Equity, Retained Earnings, Non-current liability, Tracking, Rounding, Current Liability, Accounts Payable, Current Asset, Current Liability, Direct Costs, Fixed Asset, Historical, Inventory, Overhead, Revenue, Unpaid Expense Claims and VAT.

*Code *Name*Type*Tax Code
Direct Debit – GBPBankNo VAT
Business AccountBankNo VAT
200SalesRevenue20% (VAT on Income)
260Other RevenueRevenue20% (VAT on Income)
270Interest IncomeRevenueNo VAT
310Cost of Goods SoldDirect Costs20% (VAT on Expenses)
320Direct WagesDirect CostsNo VAT
325Direct ExpensesDirect Costs20% (VAT on Expenses)
400Advertising & MarketingOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
401Audit & Accountancy feesOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
404Bank FeesOverheadNo VAT
408CleaningOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
412ConsultingOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
416Depreciation ExpenseOverheadNo VAT
418Charitable and Political DonationsOverheadNo VAT
420Entertainment-100% businessOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
424Entertainment – 0%OverheadNo VAT
425Postage, Freight & CourierOverheadExempt Expenses
429General ExpensesOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
433InsuranceOverheadExempt Expenses
437Interest PaidOverheadNo VAT
441Legal ExpensesOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
445Light, Power, HeatingOverhead5% (VAT on Expenses)
449Motor Vehicle ExpensesOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
457Operating Lease PaymentsOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
461Printing & StationeryOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
463Domain, Apps & Software ExpensesOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
465RatesOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
469RentOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
473Repairs & MaintenanceOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
477SalariesOverheadNo VAT
478Directors’ RemunerationOverheadNo VAT
479Employers National InsuranceOverheadNo VAT
480Staff TrainingOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
482Pensions CostsOverheadNo VAT
483Medical InsuranceOverheadExempt Expenses
485SubscriptionsOverheadExempt Expenses
489Telephone & InternetOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
493Travel – NationalOverhead20% (VAT on Expenses)
494Travel – InternationalOverheadNo VAT
500Corporation TaxOverheadNo VAT
610Accounts ReceivableAccounts ReceivableNo VAT
611Less Provision for Doubtful DebtsCurrent AssetNo VAT
620PrepaymentsCurrent AssetNo VAT
630InventoryInventoryNo VAT
710Office EquipmentFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
711Less Accumulated Depreciation on Office EquipmentFixed AssetNo VAT
720Computer EquipmentFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
721Less Accumulated Depreciation on Computer EquipmentFixed AssetNo VAT
740BuildingsFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
741Less Accumulated Depreciation on BuildingsFixed AssetNo VAT
750Leasehold ImprovementsFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
751Less Accumulated Depreciation on Leasehold ImprovementsFixed AssetNo VAT
760Motor VehiclesFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
761Less Accumulated Depreciation on Motor VehiclesFixed AssetNo VAT
764Plant & MachineryFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
765Less Accumulated Depreciation on Plant and MachineryFixed AssetNo VAT
770IntangiblesFixed Asset20% (VAT on Expenses)
771Less Accumulated Amortisation on IntangiblesFixed AssetNo VAT
800Accounts PayableAccounts PayableNo VAT
801Unpaid Expense ClaimsUnpaid Expense ClaimsNo VAT
805AccrualsCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
810Income in AdvanceCurrent Liability20% (VAT on Income)
811Credit Card Control AccountCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
814Wages Payable – PayrollCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
825PAYE PayableCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
826NIC PayableCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
830Provision for Corporation TaxCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
835Directors’ Loan AccountCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
840Historical AdjustmentHistoricalNo VAT
850SuspenseCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
858Pensions PayableCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
860RoundingRoundingNo VAT
868Earnings Orders PayableCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
877Tracking TransfersTrackingNo VAT
900LoanNon-current LiabilityNo VAT
910Hire Purchase LoanNon-current LiabilityNo VAT
920Deferred TaxNon-current LiabilityNo VAT
947Student Loan Deductions PayableCurrent LiabilityNo VAT
950Capital – x,xxx Ordinary SharesEquityNo VAT
960Retained EarningsRetained EarningsNo VAT
970Owner A Funds IntroducedEquityNo VAT
980Owner A DrawingsEquityNo VAT

This is the Xero default standard chart of accounts list – you can download the list usually from within Xero itself simply by clicking “Export” on the Chart of Accounts option.

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